Facility Rentals



La Sierra Community Center

5325 Engle Road, STE 100

Carmichael, CA 95608

(916) 483-7826


Carmichael Park Office

5750 Grant Avenue

Carmichael, CA 95608

(916) 485-5322




For complete list of Sacramento County Park Ordinances CLICK HERE


The Carmichael Recreation & Park District provides onsite staff with all paid rentals to assist you with any needs that might arise during your event.  The following policies will apply:


Hours:  Our facilities are available to rent from 7:00 am to 12:00 am - YOU MUST BE CLEANED UP AND OUT THE DOOR BY 1 AM.


Deposit:  A security deposit is required for most facilities.  Facilities will be considered reserved only when a FACILITY USE PERMIT has been signed and is on file with the district, along with the appropriate deposit. Reservation will be considered final on the 21st day prior to the scheduled use date


NO DEPOSITS WILL BE REFUNDED AFTER THAT TIME. Rentals must be paid and a Certificate of Insurance must be received 14 days prior to the reservation.


Charges will be assessed for: 1) failure to clean the facility, 2) failure to end your event on time. 3) Misrepresentation of an event 4) Damage to facility

Set-up &Clean Up:  Set up time (prior to your event) is billed at a rate of $25 per hour NOT TO EXCEED 4 HOURS. (6 HOURS FOR THE JOHN SMITH HALL) This is a discount on the hourly rate for set up time only.  Clean up time is billed at the regular hourly rate. (EVENTS AND SET-UP MUST RUN CONCURRENTLY)

Insurance:  Liability insurance is required when alcohol is present. The district reserves the right to require liability insurance for ALL events. A one million dollar policy naming the Carmichael Recreation & Park District as additional insured may be provided by your insurance company or is available to purchase from the District.

CLICK FOR ABC LIQUOR LICENSE APPLICATION - Must be approved by Sheriffs Dept.

Holiday rates:  An additional $30 staffing fee will be added to the normal hourly rate if facilities are rented on major holidays (rental subject to staff availability).

Reservations/Cancellations:  Space will be reserved when a security deposit is received on a first come-first served basis.  Reservations are considered final on the 21st day prior to the event - no security deposit will be refunded for cancellations after that date.  Rental must be paid at least 14 days prior to the event.

Discounted Rates for Non-Profit Groups:  Group II discounted rates are available to community non-profit charitable groups and service clubs for meetings, workshops, seminars, etc.  Documentation of 501(c)(3) status required.  All other users shall be considered Group I and shall pay Group I rates.

Discounted Rates for Residents:  Residents of the district will receive an approximate 10% discount from the Group 1 rate for facility rentals.

For information on specific facilities including prices, capacities and deposits, browse our locations: