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Park Master Plan 2008


Board Approved Revisions 2/17/11


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District Master Plan Completed


The District Master Plan is a blueprint for improvements and land use goals for the next ten years. 

On December 20, 2007 the Carmichael Recreation and Park District Advisory Board adopted the Draft Master Plan. 

On June 17, 2008 the County Board of Supervisors approved a ten year Master Plan which will serve as a guide for improving existing parks and undeveloped park sites. Over 1000 residents assisted in the development of the plan by attending one or more of the 27 meetings and/or completed surveys.

Based on feedback from residents, the highest priority is the development of neighborhood park sites. Following the completion of the District Master Plan, individual plans were prepared for four undeveloped park sites. These plans developed with the assistance of interested residents. Minutes of these meetings can be found on this site. Master site plans were conceptually approved during the Fall 2008 and will be submitted to the County Board of Supervisor at a later date for final approval. The site plans can be found on this site.